Jamaican FUSion Cuisine


Serving Jamaican Fusion Cuisine. Our cooks put special care into every dish we prepare. Every meal is made to order hot and fresh.

Jamaican Food is known and enjoyed across the world for its exotic flavor. Fiyah started as a dream and a vision years ago, that we made into a REALITY. "FIYAH" the state of doing things well. WE DO!! Putting a version of a home cooked, Authentic Jamaican meal back in the community, giving good vibes when you come in, and cooked right into your food.

Now Thats "FIYAH"



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The Fiyah Island Grill Story

Jamaican Cuisine is a blend of many spices and is inspired by a mix of of many cultures. Original  inhabitants of the island are believed to be the Arawaks, also called Tainos who named it “land of wood and water”  Jamaica is acknowledge as a blend of cultures between the native Arawak and Taíno people, West Africans, Europeans, and Indian migrants.

Traditionally, Jamaican foods were prepared in its raw form and use of the endemic spice, pimento, known as Jamaican allspice, which remains a staple.

The Taino were the first to use allspice wood to season food that was later introduced into a dry rub with salt, Scotch bonnet peppers, cinnamon, pimento, and other seasonings.

Overtime the Jamaican food culture has exploded becoming infused with the once traditional method of cooking and a more modern practice of servings and offerings that has grown beyond its Jamaican roots.

Jamaican inspired foods using jerk, curry and caribbean spices are now becoming some of the most beloved culinary desires in the food industry and among foodies  that has become a gateway for Jamaican fusion.

Fiyah Island Grill was inspired by this method of culinary emergence in Jamaican inspired foods.  Our menu includes a select and robust mixture of raw unprocessed foods blended with herbs, peppers, and caribbean seasonings instead of salt. The quality of our exceeds the price  but holds true to authentic Jamaican Cuisine.

Our Chefs are young, energetic and enjoy bringing a different and exciting taste to Jamaican cuisine that pushes beyond its traditional elements and is bold and vibrant.

Most items are cooked to order our Chefs start as early as 7 am marinating our foods overnight to allow for the steepness in seasonings to reach its richest depth of taste.  And although Jamaican foods are traditionally served with meat options from chicken, goat, fish, beef and shrimp, we also offer vegetarian options as well.

Please check out our menu.  We are happy to serve you and welcome any feedback you have. 


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